OFFICIAL YMCA Awards Platinum Partners!!!

With over 400 registered centres, YMCA Awards is the leading award body in the Health & Fitness sector. Their new scheme will see a very small percentage of these organisations recognised with their Platinum Partner status.

We are proud to announce that we have been selected, following a rigorous process, to be their second chosen training organisation to hold this commendation. YMCA Awards’ website explains a little more information, as supplied below:

YMCA Awards recognises that our market is becoming increasingly competitive, with high numbers of training providers offering a wide range of learning options. A Google search for health and fitness training shows a staggering and confusing amount of results. With this in mind we’ve developed Platinum Partners, to actively support and promote those providers striving for excellence.

The YMCA Awards Platinum Partners logo will help learners and employers to quickly identify training providers delivering high quality solutions.